Business addresses in Denmark

You have come to this site, because you are looking for a business address in Denmark. The Danish economy is in full swing and the number of available offices is low in Denmark and Copenhagen. The market for business addresses in Denmark is currently hot. Therefore, you should spend some time to get an overview of the available business addresses in Denmark, if you want to find the best offices with the cheapest prices.

We have made this guide for you, who is looking for a business address in Denmark.

Step 1: Start with evaluating and defining the company’s needs for the business address in Denmark such as the location etc When you are evaluating the company’s needs for the offices – remember to think 5 years ahead of time.
Step 2: Draw a geographical circle, where your business address could be located. It is important that you consider, how the moving will affect your employees’ and your own transportation time. If you are going to hire soon, it can also be also important to consider, where the type of employee that you are looking for lives, when you are deciding where the office should be located.
Step 3: Now you are ready to gather the relevant offices from the market. Go to the page about business addresses in Denmark on, where you will get a complete overview over the business addresses that are on the market right now. Remember to create a search agent to get notified, whenever new business addresses are offered.
Step 4: You have now gathered a list of offices for rent that could potentially be relevant, which you go through more detailed. Firstly, remove those that do not at all suit your criteria. Then, compare the prices and quality among the rest – and divide them into two groups depending on how interesting they look. Contact the landlords from the most interesting group and book a showcasing. You should also contact the landlords in the other group to find out more – they might tell you something about the place that could make it more interesting, or the price might be negotiable.
Step 5: At the showcasing, you should distinguish whether the offices are suitable for you and your company. If the answer is yes, then make sure to get the following clarified – A: Price (can you get a good offer or get a period without paying rent or simply paying less at the beginning), B: Notice when renting (How short notice can you get – a short notice will give you better flexibility).
Step 6: Now you have seen the different offices and gathered detailed information about the negotiation options from the landlords. You should then narrow your search down to 1-3 offices. Write an e-mail to each landlord in which you tell that you are willing to sign the contract on certain terms – whatever suits your specific situation. It is important to indicate that you are ready for a quick deal. When you are negotiating, remember to also see it from the landlord’s point of view. You do not need to suggest unnecessary things like for example that they need to renovate the offices completely to suit your certain needs, while also saying you only want 3 months of notice etc.
Step 7: When the negotiation is over, you should ask the landlord that you have chosen to send a contract. It is advisable that you get a professional to look through the contract, since you might end up paying an unnecessary huge amount of money the day you want to move out again. If you do not know any professional to have a look at the contract, then send an e-mail to, and we will send you some suggestions.
Step 8: When you have found your new offices, it is important that you quickly and systematically get back to all the other people you have been touch with and let them not that your search is over. You should keep in mind that they have spent a lot of time focusing on you and your needs – and that you might need to search for business addresses in the area again. Show respect by sending them a kind mail as soon as your situation has been cleared.